Sunday, November 02, 2014

More Pics of the Trip

Deanna Thurston
Kathy, Ray, Gin
Vince, Tessie, Davie, Addison, Buck, Justice,
Dede, and Riley
Jenny, Kathy, Jessica, Justine, Sally, Brandon, Serenity
Jack, Chris, Bill, Cindy, Isaac
Bill, Gin, Becky, Dorothy

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Golden Valley

Once again we are travelling to attend a funeral.  Our brother-in-law Dave Payton passed away and  and we attended the celebration and the family reunion that naturally results from occasions such as these.

Having dinner at the Dam Bar restaurant in Kingman, AZ.
Dorothy's brother Bill, sister Gin, sister Becky, Dorothy
Isaac and Cindy
Davie and Tessie dropped by the restaurant to
trick or treat with their kids Vince, Riley, and Addison
Kathy and Sally
Ray and Christy
Dorothy and I
Ray and Pam
Marky, Ken, Denise
Jo, Lynn, Christie