Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last night we were sitting around the table after dinner and I noticed this beautiful sunset.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

great grandpa

I haven't been posting because of a matter of great concern. Our oldest grand daughter Tara has been attempting to have a baby.  She went to the hospital Thursday morning so the doctor could get things rolling.  We were up earlier than we had planned so we went on to the hospital. We didn't return home for almost 24 hours. I'll spare you the details and just get to the good stuff.  We have a beautiful baby great grand daughter, perfect in every way. Words can't describe it all so here are some photos.

We waited in the waiting rooms...

We waited in the halls

A crowd gathers......

As daddy presents Gracen Kendale.

A moment of father/daughter bonding

Thursday, February 10, 2011

records broken daily

Yesterday it was announced that February was the snowiest February in Oklahoma since 1924, and we were only 9 days into the month. This morning I could hardly believe the temperature gauge in the window. 19 degrees below zero!  The news says this is the coldest day in Oklahoma since 1929. In Bartlesville the low was 28 degrees below zero. If scientists don't get a handle on global warming soon I may have to move closer to the equator.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

for the record books

 This is the most snow we have ever had. We received 8" so far.  My readers that live to the north and east get a lot more than this, but in these Oklahoma hills this will paralyze the community.
 Kelly lives just 25 miles north of us and she  received 20+ inches, burying their Nissan Maxima.
 My grand daughter Sami has 21" so far in Fayetteville, AR. Their Beagle, Stanley, is almost swallowed up by the  snow.

Sam's front door.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

this is what I've been looking for

Every year about this time I look for the Crocuses and Daffodils to peek out of the earth. This year it was the Daffodils that took first place.  Even though another severe winter storm is bearing down on us I  know that Spring is waiting in the wings.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

getting out

Yesterday the sun came out and the temperature rose above freezing for the first time since Monday. Dorothy was suffering from cabin fever so we took a drive into town where she filled up her gas tank and ordered pizza from the convenience store. She drove and I took pictures. Thanks to the efforts of the county road crews and the effect of sunshine the roads were clear.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

kinda mad

I'm kinda mad at two things. First, Dorothy's decision to drive to work yesterday was based on the weather report which forecast a dusting of snow, nothing to worry about. She had not been at work for more than an hour and had to return home because the very light snow had turned into a major winter storm. It snowed non-stop for twenty hours. That evening the TV meteorologist, with no embarrassment or apology described the event as if his earlier forecast was spot on.  Second, I'm mad at myself for foolishly going to the mailbox to check for mail. On the way back to the house I slipped and fell twisting my knee. If I had just fell down I would have been OK because thick powdery snow is a good cushion. But, in an attempt to save my dignity I tried to maintain a vertical position and hurt my knee in the process.
              I looked out the patio door this morning and saw no birds. Then I looked down and saw this cat.

                                      The birds were up in the tree awaiting the cat's departure
                  Since I was hobbling around this morning it was up to Dorothy to feed the birds

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow and another major storm is expected for Tuesday. Dorothy may not return to work until the Spring thaw.

Friday, February 04, 2011

will the snow ever end?

Dorothy has been off work since Monday due to the snow.  We got up this morning and the traffic on the highway was moving along at a good pace so she decided to go in.  After all, the weather man on TV said we should get a little snow today but not enough to worry about. Dorothy had been at work for a little more than an hour and the snow started falling in big flakes and quickly accumulating on the ground. She called and said she was coming home so she wouldn't get stuck in Tahlequah. I turned on the TV weather and the little trace of snow had turned into a moderate to heavy storm.

I was relieved to see Dorothy's Buick pull off the highway. Thank God for those heavy front wheel drive cars.

I had a pot of hot coffee waiting for her and we some donut holes to celebrate her safe arrival.


Cooking and eating comfort food during these frigid winter days  helps to cope with the cold and the dreariness.  Last night I made chili. It was delicious but Dorothy thought I should have turned the heat down a notch or two. I told her  chili that doesn't make your scalp perspire is not chili but just a mixture of tomato sauce, beans and meat.  Remember those TV commercials for peppermint patties that claimed that with one bite you would imagine yourself a sled musher driving your huskies through a blizzard in the Iditarod?  When I eat my chili I am suddenly sitting by the campfire next to the old chuck wagon. My face still stings from the cold Texas wind that whipped me and my pony as we drove a herd of rangy Longhorns along the old Chisholm Trail to Wichita. Now, that's good chili.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ground hog day

Today was ground hog day and if Mr. Groundhog would have seen his shadow we would have an early spring, but I think it was too cold for him to venture out of his hole.

Yesterday I swept the powder snow off of Dorothy's car and what you see on the windshield is thick ice. I started the car and turned on the front and rear defrosters and was soon able to easily scrape the windshield clean.

after the storm

I walked up to the mail box and took this picture. We actually had mail!  Better not criticize those postal employees; they get the mail here no matter what. Last night the local volunteer fire department was called out for a house fire. Several trucks rolled down this highway lighting up the snow with their red and blue lights, their sirens echoing down the hollow. They are unpaid volunteers. These Okies are made out of tough stuff.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

the red winged marauders

This afternoon a gang of red winged black birds invaded our back yard crowding out the Cardinals, Sparrows, Chickadees, etc.  There were hundreds of them. They were in the trees, bushes, and on the fence. It reminded me of Hitchcock's  "The Birds".  It was an eerie sight.  Then, just as suddenly as they came they were gone.

the sleet begins

 When I got up this morning the birds were waiting at the feeder so I bundled up and took feed out to them.  The sleet was coming down sideways and it stung my face.  The wind was roaring in the trees. The feeder lid was frozen solid so I scattered the seed onto the hard packed sleet.
The blue is snow, red is ice, yellow and green is rain.  Dorothy stayed home from work today. It's twenty miles over hill and around curve to her employment so it was too risky.