Wednesday, February 02, 2011

after the storm

I walked up to the mail box and took this picture. We actually had mail!  Better not criticize those postal employees; they get the mail here no matter what. Last night the local volunteer fire department was called out for a house fire. Several trucks rolled down this highway lighting up the snow with their red and blue lights, their sirens echoing down the hollow. They are unpaid volunteers. These Okies are made out of tough stuff.


lucylocket said...

It's nice to see your post. It seems that you still have power. I think losing hot water is the worst.

We lost our power once for several days and lost our heat in subzero weather. We had gas heat, but the thermostat was electric so we had no heat. Brrr! Hope you fare well until it warms up a bit.

It does make for beautiful photos.

Kay Dennison said...

Our mail came today, too. And my heat, etc., is back on. Word is more is a-coming. This the worst winter we've had in years.

Snow is so pretty to look at but no fun when one is a grown up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wally lots of rain here today,then the sun and it got up in the 60s,now the wind is blowing about 25 nots and it getting down to the twenties. Your homestead is really beautiful, You are Blessed my friend. we did not get out mail one day it snowed, but keep in mind the traffic on our roads out here is pretty intense ,so for safety sake I prefer that they stay off the road, one day or two is not going to change anything if I do not get the mail. our rural area is really more like one big development , Take care Wally

Lorna said...

Interesting to see how different that photo is from the one on your mast head.