Friday, February 04, 2011


Cooking and eating comfort food during these frigid winter days  helps to cope with the cold and the dreariness.  Last night I made chili. It was delicious but Dorothy thought I should have turned the heat down a notch or two. I told her  chili that doesn't make your scalp perspire is not chili but just a mixture of tomato sauce, beans and meat.  Remember those TV commercials for peppermint patties that claimed that with one bite you would imagine yourself a sled musher driving your huskies through a blizzard in the Iditarod?  When I eat my chili I am suddenly sitting by the campfire next to the old chuck wagon. My face still stings from the cold Texas wind that whipped me and my pony as we drove a herd of rangy Longhorns along the old Chisholm Trail to Wichita. Now, that's good chili.

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