Saturday, February 05, 2011

kinda mad

I'm kinda mad at two things. First, Dorothy's decision to drive to work yesterday was based on the weather report which forecast a dusting of snow, nothing to worry about. She had not been at work for more than an hour and had to return home because the very light snow had turned into a major winter storm. It snowed non-stop for twenty hours. That evening the TV meteorologist, with no embarrassment or apology described the event as if his earlier forecast was spot on.  Second, I'm mad at myself for foolishly going to the mailbox to check for mail. On the way back to the house I slipped and fell twisting my knee. If I had just fell down I would have been OK because thick powdery snow is a good cushion. But, in an attempt to save my dignity I tried to maintain a vertical position and hurt my knee in the process.
              I looked out the patio door this morning and saw no birds. Then I looked down and saw this cat.

                                      The birds were up in the tree awaiting the cat's departure
                  Since I was hobbling around this morning it was up to Dorothy to feed the birds

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow and another major storm is expected for Tuesday. Dorothy may not return to work until the Spring thaw.


Kay Dennison said...

Hope your knee gets better and your snow goes away. What we have now is ice and it scares me more than snow.

wally said...

It's up to 41 degrees already to day so maybe most of the snow will melt before the next storm hits.

Lorna said...

twisted knee is not any fun. Take care of yourself.