Monday, June 27, 2005

trip to oklahoma city

Tomorrow Dorothy and I are heading to Oklahoma City so I can apply for my retirement. I thought that as the date drew near time would begin to slow down just like when you were in school and longed for that last day before summer. But actually, it seems to be accelerating. I have mixed emotions. I'm looking forward to the leisure, the opportunity to do some things I've desired to do; to just sit in the yard and think, if that strikes my fancy. Yet, I have reservations. Mostly about money. Will there be enough? If not, where in the world would I find a job at 60? What gives me hope is that of all the retirees whose mind I have picked, not one regrets the decision to call it quits. So, August 12, I'm pulling the plug. I'm taking the plunge. I'm bailing out. I'm vacating the premises.

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