Thursday, December 14, 2006

hunter's birthday

I haven't posted to the blog in two weeks. That's a record for me. Since Dorothy started a full time job I've been doing all the cooking, cleaning, etc. A house husband's work is never done. Woe is me. Well, that's my whine for the day.
We've had three birthday dinners for the grandkids in recent weeks and I haven't posted one photo. I'll try to get to that soon. Hunter's dinner is this weekend and he's requesting hot dogs. He also wants a cake with a dinosaur on it, so I had his mom take a picture of him and I combined that with a picture of a dinosaur for the photo below. Tomorrow I'll take it and get an edible image made and Dorothy will put it on the cake.

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S Davis said...

Love the photo! Great memories for the grandkids as they age....