Monday, June 02, 2008

down the rabbit hole?

Joan in California sent me the link to a website that provides the title of the #1 song on any day in history. So if you want to find out what song was at the top of the charts on the day you were born, simply go here. I checked out the site and found the songs that were hits on each of my birthdays down through the years. I recognized each song title until I reached 1986. From that year to the present I don't recognize the song title or the artist. What happened 22 years ago? A cognitive malfunction? Did I fall down the rabbit hole? Well, I thought about it for awhile and I think I came up with the solution. I've always listened to the radio on my way to work and back, but hardly any other time. A little over twenty years ago I switched from listening to music to listening to the news. NPR always had great programs that caught my attention. So it wasn't my synapses misfiring it was simply a change in focus.

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