Friday, October 24, 2008


I went shopping yesterday. I had a list. Shampoo was on the list. When I turned the shopping cart down the shampoo aisle I was confronted with shelves stretching to the horizon loaded with every brand and variety of shampoo. I found Dorothy's brand but there were many types within the brand. For example: classic care, moisture renewal, texture conditioner, ice shine (ice shine?), volume conditioner, brunette expressions, blonde expressions, and color renewal. That didn't exhaust the list of types of shampoo/conditioners. When I was a kid shampoo was just shampoo. I remember White Rain, and Halo, in fact I can still hear the old radio jingle, "Halo everybody, Halo. Halo shampoo Halo!"

I called Dorothy. She talked me through it and I successfully secured the bottle into the cart, or so I thought. When Dorothy came home from work the bottle was sitting on the kitchen counter, a trophy of my quest for the precise product. She picked it up and said, "I'll have to take this back. This is conditioner only". Doh!


lucylocket said...

I have the same problem when buying toothpaste. Colgate must have 50 different varieties. It's mind boggling.

Lorna said...

"ice shine" is my current favourite, but only the shampoo---the conditioner doesn't add anything. I have to thank you for putting that Halo jingle in my brain.