Sunday, February 22, 2009

the family came down

The kids came down today and we killed two birds with one stone. We cleaned up some of the branches still on the ground since the ice storm and we celebrated Burk's birthday.

A grotesque pruning by Mother Nature.

When the limbs began to fall they narrowly missed my riding lawn mower (under the dark green tarp) the grand kids' 4-wheelers (under the blue tarp), and our satellite dish.

"The crew", Burk, Kelly, Hunter, Samantha, Dusty, Tara, and Dorothy

Next year's firewood is piling up

Jenna, Marley, and Hunter help Burk to blow out the candles on his birthday cookie.

Jenna and Marley lick the icing from the candles

Tara does her homework at the table


Envoy-ette said...

What a mess that ice storm turned out to be! But hey, you've got a great pile of firewood!

Lorna said...

Your crew does very neat work.