Monday, May 03, 2010

spring time in the front yard

 We planted this "Nelly Moser" clematis several years ago. It just didn't want to grow and I even accidentally cut it with the weed eater last year. And now, here it is just beginning it's spring growth and showing three beautiful blooms.
As you can see, the Frances Williams  hosta is looking good next to the dianthis. And the undulata hosta is looking good this year as well.

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ml said...

I envy you having your Nelly Moser and dianthus in bloom already. My Nelly is slowly twining up our trellis that arches over our back door. It has small buds on it, but is a long way from blooming. Danger of last frost doesn't go away here till Memorial Day. O where is global warming when I need it!