Wednesday, August 11, 2010

quote of the day

The great majority of us are required to live a life of constant, systematic duplicity. Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune. Our nervous system isn't just a fiction, it's a part of our physical body, and our soul exists in space inside us, like the teeth in our mouth. It can't be forever violated with impunity.

--Boris Pasternak


Nance said...

I'm dandy with all but the "soul" part; the angels who dance on the head of my pin prefer to call that a "psyche."

Rain said...

That is a wonderful quote. It's so true. Hard to work it out given the expectations that get piled upon us but so true.