Thursday, March 17, 2011

risk of radiatiion

Does it worry you that radiation from Japan's nuclear catastrophe may travel with the weather  in our direction? Scientists say the possibility of negative effects to our heatlth is very small. I'm not reassured. The New York Times has put together an interactive map that forecasts the dispersal of radiation by the weather patterns of next week.  You can see it here: New York Times/science


Rain said...

We have thought about it given we live on the west coast within 30 miles of the ocean. I worry about it for all the animals if it gets too high. We looked into buying the iodide tablets to protect a person's thyroid, but they are not easy to get as a lot of people panicked.

From what I have read, it sounds like iodide tablets have more risk than not taking them with our potential level of radiation. Every time people fly they get radiation and think nothing of it.

If it goes to a full meltdown though for all those reactors that are together, that could be very ugly for a lot of animals and we are animals. They don't always tell us the truth about such.

wally said...

That's true. Our government is saying that the Japanese officials are not being truthfull to the people. But our government has been known to lie to us also.