Thursday, August 11, 2011

these Oklahoma storms

Night before last I woke up to the sound of thunder. I immediately got up and unplugged the computer, TV, satellite receiver, microwave oven, and the kitchen stove. I should have unplugged the upright freezer and our new refrigerator, but I didn't.  An hour later we were awakened by a Pop!Bang! clash of thunder. I new something electrical had been hit but decided to wait until morning to check it out. Later we found that a circuit breaker had been tripped.  I flipped the switch to find that our  35 years old freezer had bit the dust. It had burn marks on the side and there were some on the floor as well. Our new refrigerator was plugged into the same outlet but fortunately the electricity took the path of least resistance which was obviously to the old unit. That will be cheaper to replace than the new one with all its fancy electronic gizmos. It wasn't until later that we noticed our home phone was not working. It had been zapped too. We're lucky the house didn't catch fire.

This is the phone's AC adaptor. It was encased in a white plastic cover but it's gone and I don't know what happened to it. Could it have evaporated, or disintegrated?  There's no sign of it.

You can see how the plastic is burned and the insulation melted off of the wire.


lucylocket said...

Holy Toledo! It could have been much worse. You're lucky even with losing the freezer and you phone problems. Scary!

Lorna said...

I find that totally scary.

wally said...

That old freezer needed to be replaced. It was a power hog. But we had it so long I was curious to see how much longer it would last. We bought in October of 1976.