Monday, October 03, 2011

what I'm reading now

I read Slaughter House Five  a few years ago so I thought I might try Breakfast of Champions.  The reviewers had much praise for this novel, calling Kurt Vonnegut a genius at black humor and satire. I didn't like it. It had enough pull to keep me reading to the end, but I thought the story line was too disconnected. The lives of a car dealer and an unkown author seem destined to cross the same path and that meeting results in utter chaos. That's it.  There's some commentary by the author about pollution, politics, religion and sex, but no cohesive story that takes you for a ride and lets you off at a destination.


Lorna said...

I remember that as a low point in my read-everything-by-K-G phase.

Nance said...

Yes, but how about the anatomical art work?

wally said...

I thought he was trying to fill up blank pages.