Sunday, January 01, 2012

Party Animals

It's been years since Dorothy and I stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve. We were having over for the weekend three of the most party loving people we know so we thought we would go for it. Our guests were Hunter (9yrs old), Jenna (5yrs old), and Gracen (10mos). We made pizza, drank lots of root beer and ate plenty of Little Debby snacks.  Those kids consumed enough sugar to put a grown man into a diabetic coma. We watched "Home Alone", and "A Day at the Races" starring the Marx Bros. and also a few Larry and Hardy shorts (as Jenna calls them).

Gracen got the evening off to a good start by eating some red licorice.

Jenna was helping me roll out the pizza dough when Gracen decided she wanted in on the deal.

We couldn't allow that baby to fall off the stool and bump her noggin.....

So I scooped her up while Jenna continued to roll out the dough.

Pizzas all done. Jenna even made a little one for Gracen.

Dorothy, Jenna, and Gracen fell by the wayside and had to go to bed by nine o'clock. Hunter and I pressed on toward Midnight.  Actually, I nodded off a few times in my recliner and Hunter was the only one to make it to the New Year wide awake. After we watched the ball drop in Times Square we went to bed and fell asleep as the neighbor's celebratory gun shots echoed through the hills.

This morning we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Gracen was on Dorothy's lap then slipped over into Hunter's chair to sit with him.

Now she's ready for breakfast.

She likes to do what the big kids do.

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Lorna said...

I just love seeing these photos of your family