Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gardening and Gracen

This year we decided to grow a garden.  We've been missing the pleasure of eating food that we planted in the earth ourselves.

Everything is coming along just fine. It won't be long and we'll
start our semi-vegetarian summer.

A squash blossom backlit by the early morning sun.

The grand kids have always loved playing in the garden and our
great grand baby, Gracen, is no exception.

Grandma tells her not to pick the flowers, but Gracen has a
mind of her own.


Steven said...

A splendid looking garden and a beautiful child. You are blessed!

We moved into town and onto a small lot last year and so we will be doing without a garden this year. Maybe next year in some containers. Our oldest daughter owns a nursery ( and I suppose I could plant something there, but it wouldn't be quite the same.

Dawn said...

I recently had some fresh tomatoes from a friends garden and it has made me want to attempt growing a garden again. Our last few summers have been tough (100 year drought does that to a person), so I have been a bit gun-shy.

wally said...

Steve: Yes, we are truly blessed.

Dawn: Last year we grew a few things in containers and they failed completely because of the heat. But we were yearning for fresh tomatoes and okra and green beans so we succumbed. The garden is doing well but now the rain seems to have dried up. Anyone who doesn't believe in global warming needs to grow a garden. They will become a believer.

Lorna said...

Gracen is a lovely child.