Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coconut Creme

Whenever a friend or family member is sick or down for some reason Dorothy makes them a pie. Over the years her pies and soups have proven to be more therapeutic than penicillin. So, while our friend Glen was to spend time recuperating a pie was in order, and lucky for me she usually makes an extra one for home.

I've been successful during the holidays in avoiding the stuffed feeling one gets from overeating, until Dorothy made these pies. She hit the trifecta with this one.  Mile high meringue lighter that cotton candy, velvety smooth coconut creme filling, and the flakiest of flaky crusts. I hate to admit it but I had two slices

If the kids or grand kids are reading this and plan to come over for pie, you'd better come soon.  I'm having pie for breakfast.

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Oldbones said...

I was just discussing possible dinner ideas for next week, and the family suggested pie - after seeing this picture, I'm thinking it is a good idea!