Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fossil and Farm

Thursday morning we took the kids to Norman, OK to tour the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. It's a museum that traces the fossil record of life over millions of years in the region of what is now Oklahoma. The next day we visited the Braum's farm, a ten thousand acre enterprise that grows and processes the ingredients that go into their food products.  Braum's is a chain of ice cream/fast food/grocery stores that span the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Ready to start the trip

This was the kids' favorite. The Triceratops.

The Brontosaurus. This picture was taken from the second floor.
He is standing on the first floor. His head is 19ft above the floor and
he is 90 ft from nose to tip of tail.

Lots of fossils.

One floor was dedicated to the Mississippian Indian culture of North America.  A civilization that flourished from about 800 to 1500 CE. 

This family was attempting to take a picture of their dad and daughters in this ancient
dugout canoe when Jenna and Gracen jumped right in and made their selves at home.

My sciatica requires that I find a 
place to sit down from time to time.

Up to our hotel room
Waiting for the Braum's tour to begin. Gracen is looking back where
the ice cream is kept. Hunter is looking at?

Posing by the tour bus. No photography was allowed inside the bakery
or ice cream plant.

The farm spans the Canadian River

Free ice cream and cookies after the tour.

Heading home.

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