Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tara's Big Day

We are proud to announce that our grand daughter Tara has graduated from nursing school.

Tara and Dorothy at graduation.

Sami, Tara, and Rachel

We threw a medical themed  party

Thirsty anyone?

Dorothy made a cake.

Bed pans come in handy for chips and salsa.


Pat Emery said...

What a creative party and the cake is genius! Wonder what butt tastes

Pat Emery said...

Party was so creative and the cake was genius. Wonder how butt tastes?

lucylocket said...

A very big accomplishment for Tara!You must be very proud.

The party was very imaginative. A real hoot!

jeannine nye said...

What a great title for a blog, and super way you did the party, inspired I would say!! Just come to visit, and will be back, loving your posts, you are a real hoot as they say over here...