Saturday, February 28, 2015


I know I shouldn't complain about the cold temperatures and the snow when the north east has been buried in the stuff for week after week .And there are some hardy souls who relish life in frigid conditions.  But I'm complaining anyway.  I grew up in Hermosa Beach, California where heat and air conditioning were rarely necessary.  I moved here 35 years ago when the winters were mild and most of the time the snow would be melting as it fell. It seems the climate has changed. The temperature stays below freezing for longer periods of time now and the roads are risky to drive on for more days of the year. An approaching ice age?  Global Warming?  I don't know but I'm beginning to yearn for warmer climes.

A precarious walk to the mailbox.

Snow doesn't seem to bother dogs.

Tank takes it in stride.

Sadie, the emergency back up dog, seems to enjoy it.

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