Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Story

I think I'll put my grandfather's story on the back burner for awhile.  I didn't know this narrative was going to be so difficult. None the less I'll begin again soon. In the mean time I have a couple of issues I have to deal with that are weighing on my mind. Tuesday I will have another MOHS surgery on my nose to remove a basal cell carcinoma. This is the second one in four years. Another thing grabbing my concentration is the fact that I recently had my annual physical exam and found out my glucose level is elevated and the doctor is a little concerned about my kidney function.  I think every thing is going to be ok but until I get the all clear signal it will be on my mind. I'm a worrier.

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lucylocket said...

I wish you well. I won't tell you not to worry; I'm a worrier, too. It's always a great relief when my worries come to naught.
I'll keep a good thought for you.