Thursday, June 30, 2016

Photo Collage

Five years ago I took this photo. We were in Siloam Springs late in the afternoon and I liked the way the sunlight lit up the front of this building. When I got home I used a photo editing program to lighten the fore ground and discovered my youngest grand daughter was in the picture. She was lost in the shadows in the original photo. Recently I had the photo enlarged and printed on a 16X20 canvas and hung it on the wall. When my grand daughter Marley saw it she told me she wanted a picture of her on the wall too. I could see how that was going to go so I went into the archives and pulled out photos from times past of all the grand children. Since there was a Uhaul truck in the original picture I wanted each photo to feature a cargo carrying vehicle.

Marley picked out this photo. She was helping her mom deliver
cinnamon rolls to Hastings Hospital employees for a fund raiser.

This was taken 21 years ago. Tara and Sam were in the back of
a friend's truck at a pig in the ground party we attended.

Here's Hunter in the back of my truck. We were on the way to the creek.
Four years ago.

Gracen playing with the dogs.

How it all looks on the wall.

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