Friday, July 08, 2005


I am in awe of femaleness, especially as it's exuded by my wife, Dorothy. She defies the stereotype of the meek housewife, who stands in the shadow of her husband. Let me give you an example: The evening of the 4th of July, our house was full of adults and kids, the little ones around the TV loud with Spongebob Squarepants, teenagers at the computer, adults around the dining table, and everyone talking at once. You know, the usual cacophony of family gatherings. One of the smaller children began to choke and from the other end of the room, Dorothy was able to filter out the noise and recognize the sound of a toddler in trouble. She shot from her chair, picked up the child and with a few well placed slaps to the back, was able to dislodge whatever was choking the baby before I was even aware that something was wrong.
She went into the "She-Bear Mode". This is something that all women seem to possess than enable them to draw on deep buried strength and courage during traumatic experiences. I think Dorothy has a double dose of it. Don't ever attempt to harm my kids, grand kids, or me for that matter, because she'll put you down in a hurry.

She's beautiful, but doesn't know it. I find that rather odd.

She has the ability to taste any food in a restaurant, analyze the ingredients, then go home and make it herself. I think she's a genius at culinary skills. She and my sister bought a dilapidated old building and turned it into a successful bakery/cafe, where they not only baked sweet stuff and served breakfast, but catered wedding receptions and decorated cakes for all occasions, then sold the business for a substantial profit.

I only hope some of her honesty and integrity has rubbed off on me over the last 39 years. In fact, when I grow up I want to be like her.

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