Monday, July 25, 2005

the top of my dresser

Dorothy has been nagging encouraging me to clean the top of my dresser for some time now. Last night I finally got around to it. There was a lot of stuff on there. Here's a list:

1 package of new crew socks

1 rock

1 disposable camera

1 ziplock bag of chess pieces

1 receipt for the purchase of pipe fittings

1 container of paint brush cleaner

2 eyeglass cases

1 battery charger plug in for a digital camera

1 driver's license (mine) expired 8/89

1 installation instructions for mini blinds

1 gas receipt (12/04)

4 annual leave request forms. (approved) earliest dating 9/03

4 pair shoe laces

1 zip lock bag containg miniblind screws and brackets

1 atm receipt (1/05)

1 phillips drill driver bit

2 packets Hot Hands hand warmers

1 bolo tie?

1 atm receipt (3/04)

1 stick of gum (age unknown)

1 hair cutting kit

1 vibrating massager (for my back)

1 bottle of GermX hand cleaner

1 shoe shine rag

1 portable tv antenna

1 shoe shine kit

1 wall switch cover plate

1 13mm box end wrench (I wondered where that was)

1 bottle of Purell hand cleaner

1 drill motor chuck key

3 two cent stamps

1 7mm socket

6 ball point pens

1 atm receipt (12/03)

1 military can opener ( I've had this since basic training 1966. It was for opening C-rations)

1 12.5mm telescope eye piece

17 guitar picks

1 Alto sax reed

4 pocket knives

4 .22 caliber bullets (you never know when you might find a snake in the house)

1 pr tweezers

1 key chain

25 pennies

1 dime

1 safe driving award pin (23 yrs without an accident)

1 photo of Dorothy, Me, Tara, Samantha at Sea World, San Antonio, 1993

1 set of checkers

1 cassette tape

1 index card file box containing a recipe for pizza dough and some assorted quotations which will be appearing as the quote of the day on this blog.

13 wallet size photos of the grandkids.

After compiling this inventory, I didn't know what to do with it so I put it all back on my dresser. I'll decide where to put it some other time.

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