Tuesday, February 21, 2006

getting out

Dorothy and I went to Tahlequah today in an effort to overcome cabin fever. We'd been cooped up for several days with snow and ice on the roads and it was time to escape. We went to Lowe's and exchanged a defective microwave oven we purchased there earlier in the month. There's still snow on the ground but the highway was clear and dry. While we were in town we ate at a new restaurant called Swanky Frank's. It's a 50's style diner complete with black and white square floor tiles and chrome and vinyl stools. Dorothy and I had chili cheese dogs with jalapenos and a combo order of onion rings and french fries. For dessert, coconut cream pie. The pie was good, but Dorothy can make better.


Dawn said...

Yes but Dorothy doesn't have to clean up the mess from the pie in the diner (unlike home)! I like trying new restaurants, it has a sense of adventure to it.

peppylady said...

glad to hear you got a break from cabin fever.