Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's been raining off and on all day. The forecast for tonight is for severe thunder storms and we're under a tornado watch. Right now the wind is howling outside and playing quite a tune on the wind chimes. It's the first significant rain we've had in a long time. Finally, Oklahoma firefighters will get a well deserved rest. It's getting warmer so the the grass is sure to turn green practically over night. It's been a long spell of dry weather. The cold fronts that have moved through the state in recent weeks produced rain that evaporated before it hit the ground. I've never seen it that dry. I guess I'll be able to plant potatoes next week.


Dawn said...

I saw the weather forcast last night and thought of OK - we're getting the same rain here today. Perhaps now you can get back to your "honey do" list.

wally said...

Yes, Dorothy's already reminded me of a project I need to finish. I wonder if the Postal Service is hiring.