Sunday, March 04, 2007

birthdays and eclipses

Friday was Jenna's first birthday and Saturday was Dorothy's (?) birthday, so we celebrated both on Saturday. There must be some auspice connected to having a lunar eclipse coincide with your birthday. But no life-changing event occurred; we didn't win the lottery, no good news from afar. It was Dorothy's birthday and an eclipse occurred. Pretty mundane stuff.

Jenna shows off her birthday hat.

Jenna wears her birthday tutu. Hey, what's she doing in Grandma's purse?

Jenna eats her own cake.

Dorothy gets plenty of help blowing out her candles.

Look at Marley's face. She's probably thinking, "How long can this go on? How many candles are there, anyway?" The Fire Dept. is close by so we notified them to ignore the smoke coming from Kelly's house. It's just Dorothy's cake.

Sam holds Jenna


Dawn said...

As if you didn't know already, Jenna is the cutest 1 year old around!

wally said...

She takes after her Grandpa!

Lorna said...

what a lovely family you have. And a lunar eclipse!