Thursday, August 07, 2008

st. john and thereabouts

I'm up at daybreak and take a walk along the beach and around the hotel while we wait for Bob and Rachel to pick us up for our boat trip to St. John.
Did we come at a bad time?

Here's a chart of our second boat trip showing the route we took.

Rachel and Bob get the boat ready for our trip

How would you like to live here?

Christmas Cove

This young couple live aboard this sailboat. They knew Bob. They asked us where we were from and when we told them Oklahoma, they went below and brought out an OU t-shirt and waved it at us.

This guy knew Bob too.

Dorothy and Rachel prepare lunch
We trolled along these cays, but never caught a fish.

We came along this ferry from Tortola B.V.I., and you guessed it! The captain knew Bob.

Here's a tour of Cruz Bay, St. John

On the way back to St. Thomas we meet up with Tim

Back at the marina; securing the boat.

Dorothy and I went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner.

Tuesday was open mic night at Latitude 18. This lady was playing a ukulele and sang "Jailhouse Rock". This night I had Mahi Mahi with crayfish etouffe and Dorothy had scallops provolone

This is Tim and his daughter Payton. They're friends of Bob and Rachel and now they're friends of ours.

This is a picture of Latitude 18 that I lifted from a tourist brochure. If you ever find yourself in St. Thomas be sure to eat here.
What kind of people do you find living on the Virgin Islands? In the words of the tourist's brochure for Coral Bay......
You'll find:
Truth seekers looking for something.
Mystery men hiding from something.
Artsy types.
Turn on, tune in, drop out Hippies.
Honest musicians.
Sail boaters from all over the world.
Retired couples too cool for Florida.
Way cool trust fund babies.
And misfits from every walk of life.


Lorna said...

I qualify in at least 6 ways, and one of them is not Way cool trust fund babies.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures Dad! We sure miss you all and cannot wait for you to come back! Thank goodness for St. Thomas; I finally found a place that I fit in and I'm loving every minute of my life. Well....we're off to the beach!

Love You!