Sunday, August 03, 2008

water island

We took an early walk along the beach.

A view of our hotel from the water's edge.

We're back at Latitude 18 for breakfast. This is a view across the marina of Red Hook. The ferry is on it's way to St. John.

The interior of the restaurant

We pack everything we need onto the boat and shove off for a day on Water Island

We leave the marina

We come around the southern end of Water Island and head for Honeymoon Beach on the west side.

We fished on the way to the island but all I caught was Dorothy's hat. The wind had blown it into the water

We pull into the bay and drop anchor

Dinghies are used to ferry supplies and people from the boats to the beach.

Phil and Bob grill steaks

Phil, Bob, and Rosie

This shack on the beach sold drinks of every kind.

By the time we leave Honey Moon beach Dorothy's hat is dry. We cruise through St. Thomas Harbor and get a view of Charlotte Amalie from the water.

Back at the marina

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here's a chart of the island with our route to Water Island marked in red.

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