Wednesday, January 07, 2009

what i'm reading now

This is the third novel in the Border Trilogy written by Cormac McCarthy. It takes place in New Mexico and Texas in the 1950's. It's a depiction of the life of the last of the old cowboys of the west. This will be the last book by this author that I'll read. Although I enjoy stories about cowboys and their struggles against the forces of nature, man, and animals, I'm done with graphic scenes of violence in books and movies. I think I'll go back to Louis L'Amour.


Rain said...

I loved Louis L'Amour and he knew the west also, the land, Naybe a new western writer will come along that picks that up although given the younger generation, maybe the graphic violence is what they want in books as well as their movies.

Lorna said...

I'd given up on Cormac McCarthy after the first few pages of the new trilogy. He's a wonderful writer, but some things don't need writing about.