Monday, May 09, 2011

climate change

The floods of recent weeks were just the insult added to the injury of the winter cold. The frigid nights of January and February damaged or killed plants that have grown well for me for the last 20-30 years.

This dwarf Yaupon Holly has been a beautiful part of my garden. It was easily shaped and pruned. It didn't survive the -19 degrees.

This is an Euonymus Japonica.  It is usually an evergreen maintaining it's green leaves throughout winter, but as you can see it's been heavily damaged.  It will take several years to recover.

This one is a Crape Myrtle. The frost killed it dead to the ground.  There are some small shoots growing from the roots so I may be able to start over by cutting all the top dead wood.

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Rain said...

we ran into a lot of that in Tucson this trip as the temps dropped lower in winter than usual; so it's required a lot of replacements and watching to see plants growing back from the roots.