Thursday, May 19, 2011

what I'm reading now

Ten Degrees of Reckoning is a true story of survival at sea. It chronicles a family's adventure of sailing around the world and then the tragedy of shipwreck and the survival of one of its members. It was a very interesting book. It describes what it's like to sail a vessel, navigate with GPS and charts, the hazards of weather and coastlines, and all the other things that are necessary to know in order to safely keep on course. It's also a story about a woman's search for justice after she loses her family at sea when a commercial freighter broadsides them and leaves the area without rendering aid. The book will keep you turning the pages with anticipation.


Steven said...

I'm putting it on my library request list. I just checked on Amazon and I see that it has 4.7 Stars out of 5. Also noted; Amazon sells the paperback copy at $6 and the Kindle cost is $13! It does pay to read 'real' books!

Kelly said...

Wow, I found that book at Dollar Tree. Paid $1 for it.

wally said...

I know, it's the same book.