Saturday, July 09, 2011

last day with horses

Today was the last day for us to have the grand kids.  Hunter went to a birthday party yesterday and spent the night with a friend so today we just had Marley and Jenna. In our neighborhood there is a cowboy race every Saturday morning and I thought that it would be fun to watch that.

Before the event started Jenna and Marley were able to ride a horse.

This event displays the horsmanship skills of both the horse and rider.

Some of the events involved having your horse to walk through tractor tires...

Stand still while you spray his feet with water.....

ride or lead the horse through a shower of water.....

and lead him into a trailor.  This horse was in no mood to enter the trailor and broke loose from his halter

and ran away.

When the event was over Marley got a chance to mount up and have Kathleen lead her over the course on her horse Blue

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