Thursday, August 09, 2012

Dare-Devil Cats, Suicidal Squirrels, and Slow Dogs

We were driving home from Tahlequah this morning and almost ran over a cat. He waited until the last minute to cross as if he was trying to see how close he could come to being flattened. I wonder if cats make bets with their fellow felines to see who can come the closest to having their tails caught under a tire.  When squirrels cross in front of traffic they usually stop and attempt a retreat then bounce back and forth as if trying to weigh the options open to them.  I suspect that they are trying to align themselves with one of my front tires. Why would a squirrel commit suicide?  Maybe they are depressed over a shortage of nuts.  Continuing down the highway, we were driving through the small town of Proctor and couldn't believed our eyes.  Just ahead in our lane, running at top speed toward us, was a Chihuahua.  We slowed down but he kept coming, his little legs a blur.  We screeched to a halt causing the traffic behind us to do the same, and the little bugger trotted off as happy as can be. When I say slow dogs I don't mean speed. I'm talking about slow on the uptake. The Chihuahua is a good example. Our neigbor's dogs like to take a snooze on the highway.  Asphalt warmed by the morning sun is conducive to napping. Every day we can hear the horns up on the highway as drivers attempt to startle the dogs out of the way.

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