Sunday, August 05, 2012


So far this summer we've had no rain. The temperatures hit at least 104 degrees everyday.  The garden is gone, the lawn is dead, and most vegetation has been eaten by the grasshoppers. When we got up this morning we were surprised by another invasion.  Black birds filled the yard and were having a feast on the grasshoppers.  The birds stayed around for a few hours and then were gone. The grasshopper population doesn't seem to have suffered.

Here's a picture taken last year in the spring.

This was taken this morning.

The grandkids at the swimming hole hast year.

Same location this year. Look at the level of the water compared
to the rocks in each picture.

Last year.

This year.

This gravel is usually under water. There is still water beneath
the surface. That is what keeps the vegetation green. Our spring
is still running and has for the last 30 years.

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Rain Trueax said...

That is amazing and the best examples of what drought means to people who live in an area suffering from it. We had it here in our valley a few years ago and it is worrisome even knowing in a few years the rains might be abundant. It's the meantime and the not knowing for sure it will end.