Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Retirement Send Off

This morning I went to the Tahlequah Post Office to join in celebrating another retirement. Dennis Morton's last day of work after 21 years delivering the mail.  John Palmer, a clerk, is retiring also.

Dennis is presented a letter from the District Manager commemorating
his years of service.
Dennis shows his cake and John his pecan pie that someone made for him.
Laura, Kathleen (both retired) and Rodney
Fellow retirees, Kelly, Tommy, and J.C.
Every time I come back there are more people I don't know.
Dennis's wife, Tammy, gets ready to take his picture.
Laura and Scottie, Kelly and Frank in the background.
Becky and Kathleen

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Carol Z said...

Your pictures are great. I've been to three retirement parties in the last month. I guess it's that season in my life.