Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Snow

This has been a warmer than normal winter with hardly any frozen precipitation, but I knew it couldn't last until spring. A winter storm was forecast for our area and it has arrived.  This morning when we got up it wasn't snowing at all and Dorothy asked me if we should go to the store and get a few things before the white stuff began to fall. I thought we could wait until Friday because it was supposed to be over by then and it would probably be melted off of the streets. I've always been critical of those who run to the store to stock up when they see a few flakes as if they would be snowed in for weeks. Then, Dorothy informed me that we were almost out of coffee.
     "Grab your purse and coat," I replied. "Let's get to Walmart before the snow hits."  Enduring two days without coffee?  No thanks.
     Flurries began as we pulled out on the highway and by the time we walked out of the store it was collecting on our car.  Fortunately the ground is warm enough that no snow accumulated on the highway. It's coming down pretty heavy now. We got our coffee and some doughnuts, because comfort food is an important part of any emergency kit. So, now it's doughnuts, coffee, and old movies for the next day or so.  Let it snow.

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