Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Scary Movie

The grand kids are staying with us tonight so it's time for another scary movie. I thought we would step up the  fear level a notch or two.  Tonight's viewing was the original 1931 version of "Frankenstein".  To protect myself from any legal action that the kids might level against me from the effects of any future emotional scars I had them sign this waiver:

The kids finished the movie relatively unscathed.  Marley, quite the film connoisseur pointed out the inauthenticity of the story line when it was revealed that Dr. Frankenstein had not seen his fiance Elizabeth in four months. Marley believes that no woman would stay engaged to a man who hadn't come to see her in 4 months. Hunter was thought the film was entertaining; especially the part where the town folk pursued the monster with pitch forks, torches, and golf clubs. Jenna kept her face buried in my neck for a good part of the movie.

This portrait of Frankenstein's Monster was painted
by our talented nephew Derek Dunaway.

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