Saturday, November 02, 2013

A Chill in the Air; The Leaves are Falling

Today we went with Glenn and Laura Palone to the Arkansas Ozarks
to see the fall foliage.
Our destination was the Cliff House, a restaurant perched
on the edge of a ridge on Hwy 7 south of Jasper AR. As we
approached the restaurant in was evident that there were no places
to park. We squeezed into the lot and waited a long time for
a space to open up but finally gave up and drove to Harrison
and ate at an all you can eat buffet. Although we were unable to
get a taste of the catfish and chicken fried steak we were longing for
we did enjoy the scenery.

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lucylocket said...

There is a bit of color here in SC, but it's not as vivid as in previous years. I noticed the trees in your Halloween pictures were bright, bright red. Beautiful!

The children look as if they were having a great time.