Thursday, November 28, 2013


We had a great meal today.  In addition to the traditional fare of  turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, hot rolls, green beans (from our summer garden), candied yams, broccoli-rice casserole, Dorothy also tried something new with the desserts.

This corn pudding consisted of corn, goat cheese, basil, cheddar
cheese, onions, eggs.
This apple tart was drizzled with butterscotch sauce
before serving.
Regular pumpkin bread on the left, pumpkin, hazelnut spread,
 and chocolate swirl on the right.
Kelly and her family spent the day at Burk's parents house in Little Rock. We know we have
to share them on holidays, but they were greatly missed. 
After the meal I collapsed into my recliner and spent the afternoon in a tryptophan stupor.

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lucylocket said...

The apple tart is almost too pretty to eat.