Friday, January 17, 2014

Polar Vortex Redux

Just when the Polar Vortex was cold enough to freeze our nubbins off our electric heat pump stopped working.  I switched over to emergency heat (I'm dreading next month's electric bill) and used that along with a propane fireplace heater we had installed after the last ice storm. The technicians arrived within a few days and discovered a hole in a copper Freon line that was caused when a wire became loose and rubbed against it causing it to arc. The repairs cost a lot of money.  The bulk  of the cost was for Freon, better known as R-22 refrigerant which is becoming a scarce commodity. Everything is back to normal now, but I can't help but worry about heating the house in the future if the winters continue to bring such extreme temperatures.  We bought the system ten years ago and it has been sufficient for our needs, but the climate has changed and the cost to replace it would be prohibitive for retired people. Must I migrate south with the geese?

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