Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Polar Vortex

I never heard of a Polar Vortex until this past week.  The weathermen on TV say they are always around but this winter the northern vortex has moved south into the US interior.  This morning the temperature was at 0 and it is slowly warming up. We've allowed the faucets to drip constantly since Saturday and we may be able to shut them off today when it goes above freezing. Our heating system has not shut off for a couple of days although we've been using supplemental heat sources. Global Warming?  An oncoming Ice Age?  Who knows. I researched it on the internet and one of the causes of an unruly Polar Vortex is unusual volcanic activity in the tropics. People my age usually gain comfort from a consistent environment. This is the way it has always been and that's how it should be. I'm afraid those days are over. Uncertainty is the new normal.

I went outside once yesterday to feed the birds. If I were them\
I would have flown south for the winter.

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