Tuesday, May 31, 2005


One of the things I'm looking forward to in retirement is to post more personal essays on this blog. I've filled a lot of space with photos and quotations, but that's me; I like to share the grandkids and my favorite quotes. Having a time and energy consuming job prevents me from writing. For most of my free time I'm just too tired to think. Pushing 60 years old doesn't help either. But I'm inspired by some of the blogs that I read regularly. There are a few bloggers who have a talent for describing their work-a-day lives with language that pulls us in and keeps us reading and anticipating each post. So I'm learning that it's not the subject matter so much as the words you put together that makes good writing. Two of my favorite writers are Envoy-ette, author of It Could Be Worse. She draws on her traveling experiences and life with her husband and children for her essays. She's funny, interesting, and writes in a way that causes you to visualize the scenes she's describing.
Another blogger I just discovered is Dawn who writes Old Bones . She writes with clear and concise language about every day concerns. I believe she's a natural writer. Check these girls out; you'll enjoy their blogs.

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