Wednesday, May 18, 2005

what I'm reading now

This is a compilation of short stories about the futile stuggle to survive the stark geography, economy, and social aberrations of Wyoming. Other books I've read by Annie Proulx are: The Shipping News, Accordian Crimes, and Close Range (Wyoming Stories 1). Posted by Hello


Dawn said...

It's tough to find a good compilation of short stories nowadays - how is this one so far? Should I read Close Range first?

wally said...

No need to read "Close Range" first. "Bad Dirt" is pretty good. It gives you a picture of life in Wyoming. (not only in earlier years but today). Annie Proulx is a good writer. I'd recommend the novels, "The Shipping News" (takes place in Newfoundland), and "Accordian Crimes".

Envoy-ette said... are a fast reader!

wally said...

I've been reading one book after another since I learned to read. I'm reading one now (Collapse) that will slow me down. It's about civilisations that have disappeared and explores the possible causes of their demise.