Sunday, January 29, 2006

can't sleep

Well, I'm awake. I just Googled the side effects of the cold medicine I'm taking and sure enough, insomnia is listed. Oh well, maybe I can catch up on my sleep as soon as I get over this crud.

Since I'm up I checked the Lotto and Powerball numbers. I got four numbers on the Missouri Lotto. Yipee! I checked it out. $29.00 I was going to wake Dorothy up with the good news but I guess I'd better not.

For years I've suspected that historical events have been more often affected by commercial interests than some of the more noble causes like "making the world safe for democracy", "fighting the war over there so we won't have to fight it over here". So I've been reading a book called "The Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy". The book has confirmed my suspicions, but here's what I learned the most from the book: It was hard to read. It was published in 1915 and I was able to obtain a 1965 edition. It was a scholarly work and clearly was not written for a mass audience, but I soon realized it was going to be hard work to digest this book. I think modern readers have been dumbed down by the literature we read. When we read non-fiction we want it to read like a novel. I do. There's nothing wrong with wanting your reading material to be entertaining as well as informative, but good grief, I'm getting to where I'll put a difficult book down no matter how many nuggets of information I'm able to mine from it. But I guess I'll keep reading the hard ones. I want to know the truth and it can't be found in the tabloids, popular page turners, or on the evening news. Truth has to be searched for, I just pray I'll have the wisdom to recognize it when I find it.

While I'm up: I've found the perfect throat lozenge. Do you ever get burned out on cough drops and just can't stand the taste of them by the time you've kicked the cold? I've been using chocolate kisses with caramel centers. A lot better than cough drops.


Dawn said...

The wonder boy and I both have a cough and it is keeping us up at night. Since you've hit the medicine rounds, which works best without making you gag as you take it? I always like ricola cough drops. They have an odd flavor but it grows on you.

wally said...

I'm using Comtrex Deep Chest Cold, and Zicam Cough Mist. These things suppress the cough enough that I can get a little sleep here and there, but I still cough. Although less severely so I don't bust a gasket. I tried Ricola but Hershey's kisses work great for me.

lucylocket said...

Chocolate kisses certainly sound better to me than the horehound candies my grandmother gave me when I had a cough. The candy was so horrible that I stopped coughing so she wouldn't make me have another.