Friday, February 02, 2007

new look

The above banner is jut a trial. I'm experimenting with a new look since I lost the old one when I updated the template. So instead of reinstalling the old picture I thought I would come up with something new. This photo is a little large so I'll have to reduce it. I thought the autumn theme would be appropriate because I see a lot of similarities between retirement and the fall of the year; life is winding down, withering, moving inexorably toward the death of winter. I'm not saying my own demise is near but on my tiptoes I can see it from my back porch.
But, retirement is also a new beginning, and since I'm determined to live another 30 years, the banner should probably illustrate potential, growth, and adventure. I'll let all that percolate in my head for a few days and I'll be trying out different banners. Let me know if any piques your interest.


Anonymous said...

I love fall so I like the one you have up now! Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hi Wally,
I like the size of your Autum banner! Looks great and it kinda frames the blog, and feels real comfortable while we are here to read about you and yours.
Take care, all.
Sandie in Sunny Ca. Brrrrrrrrr

Lorna said...

1. Get down off the back porch.

2. Hug dorothy

3. keep your new banner; the picture is lovely, and the size looks right to us geezers...

Clarence said...

It looks good to me but what do I know? What I don't know is HOW to make a Banner for my own Blog. Would you care to share your skills and knowledge with me or us?

It might make for a good entry topic.

Anonymous said...

This is an uplifting new banner. The gold ground, contrasted with the dark-green chairs, and the slanted posture of the chairs indicating relaxation - are all inviting to the eye. And also I like the happiness quote, above. Engagement in meaningful tasks, good work, is often cited as a key to happiness. MlofFull Fath.