Friday, February 02, 2007

tagged, i'm it

Dawn gave me the nudge on this questionnaire, so I thought it would be fun to respond:

A. Available/single? No, I've been happily married for 40 years.

B. Best Friend? -- Dorothy has always been my best friend. Also, Ricci Davis, a guy I've known since high school would be my life long best friend and we've kept in touch over the years.

C. Cake or Pie? -- That's a hard one. I think pies will edge out cakes because I can't think of a pie I don't like, except strawberry rhubarb. But, Dorothy makes a Cranberry Ambrosia cake and a Banana Coconut cake that are superb.

D. Drink of choice? -- That first cup of coffee in the morning is sure good, but I've always loved the taste of iced tea. In the summer I make a chocolate tea ice cream that is good, and I'm working on a tea flavored icing for my grand daughters' birthday cakes this year.

E. Essential item you use every day? -- Computer. I use mine everyday to write this blog, keep in touch with the kids and friends, banking, and conduct an online business.

F. Favorite color? -- Blue

G. Gummy Bears or Worm? -- I don't like either. If I eat candy I want chocolate and peanuts in it.

H. Home town? -- Although I was born in Oklahoma and have lived here for the last 27 years, I grew up in Hermosa Beach, CA, and I'll always think of it as my home town.

I. Indulgence? -- On an intellectual level: reading, but for indulging the senses you can beat a meal at El Zarape restaurant.

J. January or February? -- I can't tell the difference, except that February does hold a promise of Spring.

K. Kids and their Names? -- 2: Rachel and Kelly

L. Life is incomplete without? -- Dorothy. She is my life partner and I wouldn't want to take another step down that road without her.

M. Marriage date? -- August 9, 1966

N. Number of siblings? -- 4 sisters, I was in the middle.

O. Dawn what happened to O? -- I'll make one up: Opossums? -- No, I don't own any.

P.Phobias/Fears? -- The older you get, the less you fear, and I'm getting pretty old.

Q.Favorite Quote? -- Never make a decision when you're discouraged.

R. Reason to smile? -- Family

S. Season? -- I like spring because it's a new beginning, tilling and planting the garden, watching the trees bloom and leaf, everything is new and shiny. But, Autumn is good, refreshing cool breezes, the year is winding down, it reminds me of retirement. I want to die on the last day of fall.

T. Tag? -- I think I'll tag Lucilocket

U. Unknown fact about me? -- If I reveal that it would no longer be unknown.

V. Vegetable you don't like? -- I don't like collard greens very well.

W. Worst habit? -- procrastination

X. X-rays? -- Xray vision, no. I've had a few pointed in my direction over the years.

Y. Your favorite food? -- I love Mexican food. Also, during the summer, a meal of cornbread and beans and all the vegetables fresh from the garden.

Z. Zodiac sign? -- Leo


Anonymous said...

I bet you have a few opossums around. In fact remember Tara and Sam had that baby that Lizzie found? Kelly

Anonymous said...

Now, Opossums, I am very familiar