Saturday, April 05, 2008


When the tulips bloom it's time for me to spend my mornings in a lawn chair with a cup of coffee listening to the birds and watching the leaves grow on the trees.


Lorna said...

How i envy you---we'll be at least a month before we see ours. And I don't get to see them from a grandpa's truck, either

dawn said...

Here, we sit and stare at the bluebonnets.

ml said...

You share my idea of heaven on earth! The snow is almost all melted here, and birds are beginning to veer around the meadows below our deck. The bluebirds are racing to build their nests in the bluebird boxes before the tree-swallows arrive to compete with them for nesting-space.
But no flowers up yet, except a few brave crocuses against south-facing foundations.