Saturday, April 26, 2008

two sides to every dogwood

This is a beautiful time of year. The Dogwoods are blooming. This year they are especially spectacular. But, while the white flowered trees bloom, my eyes, ears and throat itch like crazy. So, I'll spend the next few weeks loaded with allergy medicine. Behind every cloud there's a silver lining, and behind every Dogwood there's a cloud of pollen. We decided to visit the Dogwood Festival in Siloam Springs. Dorothy likes to look at all the crafts for sale in the booths and I like to look at the people. It's better than going to the zoo. And then, there's the kettle corn.
Before we went to the Dogwood Festival, we went to Marley's soccer game. Here she is posing in her Pink Panther uniform. The team they played were the Rugrats.

Siloam Springs has one of the prettiest downtown areas in the country.

We stopped by the Jolly Roger candy store owned by Roger and Judy Barber. Here is Judy, Elaine, and Dorothy sitting outside the shop.

Here's Roger, his daughter Carrie, and Rich

We ate lunch with Kelly's family at a chinese restaurant. Hunter was amazed at how long the noodles were.

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WendyJanelle said...

Saturday was beautiful for shopping!! I think everyone and their dog showed up. :-)

Beautiful pictures.